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This Blog is a place for people confronting feral cat socialization to get some support and compare what they are going through with the experiences of people that have gone before them. Entries are past emails to Urban Cat League asking for advice.
Our basic approach to socializing feral cats to humans is outlined on the socialization page of our website, www.urbancatleague.org
There you'll find an instructional video link and a "how-to" print-out of our technique. Good luck!!


  1. Hello,
    Recently we had a growth of ferels in our neighborhood. I contacted our local safe animal shelter and they put me in contact with a gentlemen who takes care of ferel colonies through out the county. He gave a quick lesson in trapping. To date we have trapped seven 6- month old kittens. Two where extremely wilded and had to be released back to the colony. I've kept the remaing 4. One was in a separate kennel and let me pet her. She didnt want me to stop. After a week in the kennel I let her out. Now she hides from me. The other three are on a separate kennel. They will not let me pet them. They've been in the kennel for a couple weeks now. Not sure what to do. I'm not sure if I should release them. I have them set up in my patio. I have two cats that I adopted 10 years ago. They demand my attention. Any suggestions?

    1. Before I release a shy cat or kitten into the house I always establish the feeding routine so the cat will always come out of hiding to eat and I can continue the bonding during the transition to getting used to the expanse of a bigger space. Since she was happy being petted she isn't afraid of you per se, just lost in the bigger space of the house. Don't leave any food out when you are not home and make her come out to eat near you. Follow the tips on the taming page of the urbancatleague.org website and we also have the video TOUGH LOVE. Watch that and you will get some ideas.
      Make her come out to eat or feed her off your finger if you can find her hiding spot and gradually coax her out more and more to eat. She will get used to the routine in time but if you put food down for her and let her hide, to take away all incentive to come out and get used to the household. Be tough and don't leave food when you aren't there with her eating and she will soon be happy and well adjusted out and about in the house. Mike

    2. I have a 8 month old feral kitten about the size of a 3 month old kitten. In
      fact I thought it was 3-4 months old when I rescued her because she is so tiny.
      But I had her spayed and the vet at feral cat focus reported she is 8 months old
      as she has all her teeth. BUT only weights 3 pounds! I recued her from an
      outdoor colony with semi friendly adult cats. The older couple who reached out
      to me for help has been feeding cats for 20 plus years but never had any of the
      fixed. The woman told me the kitten was 3 months old.

      I have had her in my home-big cage first- for 12 days. She is now out of the
      cage as of 2 days ago. This is where I am with her: petting, playing, purring
      lifting on my lap-short periods. BUT she is still scared and continues to hiss
      when I walk in the room or run and hide on her blanket area. Or runs away from
      her to hide when I walk in the room She is afraid to come out but I have been
      successful to have her some out with some kitten milk (KML) and a toy . She is
      still shy when I try to pet her when she is playing-she "cowers and runs to her
      spot. She allows me to pet her when she is on her blanket, purring, rubbing on
      my hand flipping over on her side. I can rub her belly and full body pets. I lay
      down next to her and pet her. I am the only one so far working with her. She
      still hisses at me but when I pet her she stops and purrs. Sometimes she does a
      low growl but I am able to pet her and she purrs...

      I have worked with much younger kittens 4 months old born outside to a feral
      mom. But never this old. I di have a shelter that will take her in but she has
      to be very social I was told tail up running to people no hissing and not

      She is in a 12 x 12 room with blankets, liter, food, water. I bring her KML in
      the morning and at night and begin to give her some on my finger and them she
      allows me to pet her when she is drinking it. she is a bit scared but continues
      to eat. The same with her hard food. I leave the hard food out all day for her.

      Here is my concern I know it has only been 12 days, but am I doing her more harm
      that good as she is 8 months old ? Should I just release her back to her colony?
      The couple said they will take her back It is cold here now in Buffalo NY and I
      am concerned she won't do well in the cold. OR should I continue try socializing
      her ? I don't mind the time it takes I just want to make sure I am not doing
      more harm to her keeping her inside. She is more afraid than anything now.

      I have been working on weight gain for her.

      Can you give me any tips on what I can do that I am not doing now? Should I try
      the baby food to get her on my lap more? Or to be less afraid? Unless I pick her
      up she will not come on my lap. I am at her level. I lay on the floor and sit up

      I saw all three of your videos. I do not have access to a rolling condo. I have
      one large cage mentioned above. I could put that in my living room when time
      permits, but I am not sure with she being an older kitten.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

  2. I use with every foster when be feed the word come come come and they no it was time I use bits of chicken to get them to come to me and in time they lear if they want it they have to let me rub them got one who use to give me a high 5 for it